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What is Neauvia?

Neauvia is a Swiss-made hyaluronic acid filler that uses patented technology to extract high-purity hyaluronic acid, combined with micro-calcium particles, glycine, and proline. It is highly effective in hydrating, locking in moisture, and stimulating collagen production.

How does Neauvia work?

The main components of Neauvia are second-generation hyaluronic acid and micro-calcium particles. Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and locks moisture into the skin, while the micro-calcium particles stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin fibers, achieving a firming and lifting effect.

What is Neauvia best suited for?

Neauvia is effective in improving skin dryness, wrinkles, dullness, and other aging issues. By hydrating and stimulating collagen, it helps the skin regain its firmness and elasticity, diminishes fine lines, and restores a youthful radiance.

What to expect during treatment?

The doctor will first perform a facial assessment, then inject Neauvia into the dermis using a very fine needle. The entire process takes about 20 minutes.

What are the treatment areas?

Neauvia is suitable for the face, neck, back of the hands, etc. It can smooth out nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow’s feet, and improve overall skin quality.

Is the treatment painful?

The injection causes only minor discomfort, and anesthetic cream will be applied beforehand to reduce discomfort.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

It is recommended to undergo 4-6 sessions, with each session spaced three weeks apart. The most noticeable effects are seen after completing these sessions. Maintenance injections can be done every few months thereafter.

How soon can I see results from?

The skin immediately becomes hydrated and plump after the injection. Collagen production starts to become apparent after about one month and peaks at three months.

What to avoid after the treatment?

For the first week after treatment, avoid direct sun exposure, extreme temperatures, and pressing on the injected areas. If there is mild swelling, applying ice can provide relief.

Are there any side effects?

Common temporary side effects include pain at the injection site, redness, bruising, and peeling, which typically resolve within a few days. Overall, Neauvia is very safe, and the risks can be significantly reduced by an experienced doctor.

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