APTOS Hyaluronic Acid Thread Lift

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What is APTOS HA Thread Lift?

The APTOS Hyaluronic Acid Thread Lift is a third-generation absorbable lifting thread made of 75% Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLA) and 25% Polycaprolactone (PCL), with an addition of 1% Hyaluronic Acid. This patented thread is used for lifting, achieving facial rejuvenation.

How does the APTOS HA Thread Lift work?

The APTOS thread lift utilizes a unique bi-directional barb design to create secure fixation points within the subcutaneous tissue, thereby achieving a facial lift. The materials PLA and PCL degrade within the body, stimulating collagen regeneration. The added Hyaluronic Acid also provides moisturization and anti-inflammatory benefits, creating favorable conditions for collagen regeneration.

What Is APTOS Thread Lift best suited For?

The APTOS thread lift is suitable for various degrees of facial laxity, such as drooping eyebrows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and jawline sagging. It helps in reshaping facial contours and achieving a lifting and tightening effect.

What to expect during treatment?

Under local anesthesia, the doctor uses specialized cannulas and needles to insert the APTOS threads into the dermal layer and the SMAS layer of the skin. The whole process takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

What are the treatment areas?

The APTOS thread lift is primarily used for comprehensive lifting of the entire face and double chin, including areas such as drooping eyebrows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and the jawline. The specific treatment plan is customized based on an individual’s facial aging conditions.

Is the treatment painful?

Due to the use of local anesthesia, most people only experience mild discomfort. The level of pain varies from person to person but is generally tolerable.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

In most cases, significant lifting effects can be seen after just one treatment.

How soon can I see results from?

Immediate lifting effects can be observed right after the treatment. Over time, collagen regeneration further improves skin quality. The full effect is usually visible within 2-3 months.

What to avoid after the treatment?

After treatment, it is important to avoid forceful massaging, engaging in vigorous exercise, and using saunas or undergoing facial treatments during the recovery period. It is crucial to follow the doctor’s recommendations for post-treatment care.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects include mild swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness, which usually subside within a few days. In rare cases, there may be complications such as infection, skin irregularities, or visible threads. Choosing an experienced doctor can significantly reduce these risks.

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